Why I’m Embracing Mobile Marketing

Ok, I admit it.  I am not an early adopter of all things digital or electronic.  I’ve only been on Facebook for about 9 months, Twitter for less time than that.  I do not own a big-screen TV, nor do I TiVo.   

At my house, not that long ago ...

  Heck, for that matter, I don’t even get HBO or Showtime.  I don’t own an iPod.  I don’t have a “smart” phone or Blackberry.  I resisted getting a phone with a camera for quite a while because I couldn’t imagine walking around taking random photos.  However, now, if anyone asks about my nieces, I can whip out my phone (that is always with me) and show them pictures from the latest cook-out.  And believe it or not, I now often appreciate getting photos emailed to me from friends and family, straight from their phones. 

I also resisted text messaging for quite a while.  I used to get annoyed with certain friends and colleagues who refused to answer their phones and talk, but would respond to a text within seconds.  Now, oddly enough, I find myself being more and more like them.  I am discovering the appeal of text messaging.  (Though I still don’t approve of texting and driving, my dear friends — and you know who you are!)

So when a friend suggested I look at a new mobile marketing company that is about to launch, I was a little skeptical.  But I went, I looked, I listened. And I walked away a believer.  Mobile marketing is going to be big.  I knew that print and direct mail marketing that I did for so many years of my career was becoming less and less effective.  When is the last time you actually used those yellow page books to look up a business?  I don’t get magazines sent to my house anymore, but I still read the headlines and certain articles online.  Just think about all those advertisers that no longer  have access to me.   Not all of them followed where my eyes went.  

I have seen the full potential of websites, blogs, and social media outlets like Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn for business.  I watch in fascination the people who are embracing FourSquare.  And what I see are the people who are really good at marketing, really good at understanding human behavior, and who really know who they are and what their brand represents, are the ones taking advantage.  I think the same is going to be true of mobile marketing.  You have to get your message in front of people — you have to go to where their eyes are.  Why do Super Bowl ads work?  Because of the eyes.

For those companies who have, or want, repeat business, mobile marketing could be a no-brainer.  Restaurants, bars, stores.  Having a slow day?  Text a special offer to everyone who has opted-in previously — “Unadvertised Special: 20% off all blue jeans until 6 p.m.”   Or “Buy one Get One Free Entrees tonight.”  Any organization with members, like a gym or church, can send out reminders about special events or encouraging words on a regular basis.  And what about the daycare center or school that has to close because of bad weather?  Public speakers and bands can notify their followers of the appearance dates and locations.  The possibilities are endless.  I can’t wait to see what kind of small business success can be generated from the phone.

Those companies who want a competitive advantage, who are willing to be creative and take a chance, and who know their customers and their brand, are going to embrace mobile marketing, quickly.  I think this new company,                     iZigg Mobile Marketing, has got it right.    

Go to where the eyes are, and the eyes are on the cellphone.  It’s coming.  There are some folks doing it now, but not nearly at the scale that it’s going to be.  Remember when companies didn’t put a website or email address on all their marketing materials?  But now, it’s automatic for most.  Soon it’s going to be the mobile marketing short code.

Some of the things I like about iZigg:  1)  It’s the right kind of product at the right time; 2) I think the packages seem pretty competitively priced from what I’ve seen; 3) They seem to have financing, technology, relationships, and leadership that position them ahead of any current players in the market; 4) They have purchased the exclusive rights to short code 90210, which means their branding is going to be recognizable very quickly.  Not only is it memorable for the promoting business, it’s going to be universally associated with iZigg; and 5) They have chosen to take it to market using network marketing, which means that it will grow fast everywhere.  There’s a reason Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson (all billionaires) have all come out in the past few years and announced that network marketing is the most powerful business model at work in today’s economy.  Because it works.

So, I’m getting involved.  I am going to be encouraging all of my business clients to try it.  I’m going to help them set up campaigns to test it out.  I will have several test accounts available, so if you are interested, please let me know.  Some won’t work, but some will.  And we’ll start learning about this new marketing method.  I’m excited about the possibilities.

If you want more information on iZigg, or if you know anyone who is looking for a network marketing or mobile marketing sales opportunity, just email me at SuccessPointConsulting@hotmail.com and I’ll get you hooked up with more information.

Until next week,  here’s to your success,




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