Technorati wants a code

I just listed this blog on Technorati.com.  They want me to add this code:  QT5ASHQ4QHYR in a post so they can find it and verify that I am me.

If your small business blog is not listed on Technorati, you can change that today.  Listing your blog or small business website in directories is one of the best ways to start to build traffic and move you closer to small business success.  It takes time, it takes effort, but it gets results. Believe it or not, you actually have to submit the link for your site to directories in order to be listed. Many directories allow free submissions. There are dozens more that want you to pay for the privilege of being listed. If you can afford it, DO IT.There are many sites around which offer a service where you can submit your site details to numerous sites. Do a search, you’ll find them. In some industries (like legal, for instance) there are well over 2,000 potential directories your business can be listed in.

Some people actually use directories they know to search for businesses instead of just Google search. The key to getting a traffic boost from directories is to actually write out a good description of your product or service and use your targeted keywords. I know, it begins to sound like a broken record, but if you use the same targeted keywords on your site, in your LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook posts and profiles, in articles that link back to your site, and also in small business directories, your site or blog will start to become associated with those keywords in the eyes of the search engines. You will start to rank higher and be seen as more relevant. Isn’t that what you want?

I almost feel like the directories I tell clients to submit their site to are a closely guarded secret, but they really aren’t. This isn’t my complete list, but here are some ideas to get you started. You should make sure your business is listed in: Local.Yahoo.com, Google.com/maps, MerchantCircle.com, Brownbook.net, Cityslick.net and if you can afford it, PR.com.  And of course, don’t forget Technorati if you have a blog.

Here’s to your small business success,



P.S.  Shoot me an email to Trina@SuccessPointConsulting.com and I’ll send you my list of almost 200 directories you can submit your website or blog to for FREE.




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  1. thesmartconsultant

    Interesting post – Seldom do we realize how small things in marketing make a big difference. I believe one of those small effort big impact items is link building. I also noticed that any successful website has over 200-500 links that connect with the site. A very interesting concept.

    Trina – I would be keen to get my hands on the 200 directories you are referring to. Would you mind sharing them with me through the email please?

    1. Monica

      All these things, you can find on the search engine easily. You have just to give quality and quantity work.Make the list of popular directories list and do as maximum work as you can.I am sharing some of the most popular site which I always follow:-For article directories you can follow articlesbase, ezinearticle etc. for press release, prlogblog- wordpress, blogger, jamespot forum forums.digitalpoint.com

  2. Eri

    I agree with the others that you should make article submissions gradual so as to appear natural to search engines. I have no idea how many is ideal though but I heard of a site owner who did 10 article submissions each day for four months and dominated the forex niche. Also, if you are building backlinks, see to it that your keywords in anchored texts vary. Backlinks with a single keyword all linking to your site looks unnatural too.

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