Welcome to the Small Business Success Resource

I have a passion for helping small business owners achieve success.  I hope to provide you with tons of tips, suggestions, and resources that will make it easier to start, run, organize, and manage your small business every day.  My tips are for both offline and online enterprises.

I hope you will find my information helpful, informative, and occasionally fun.

I look forward to helping you find your Success Point.

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  1. Heidi

    Katryna: Hello. I am so glad I came accross your profile on LinkedIn by recently joining the The Ohio State Alumni Network. Since joining I have gotten connected with people I went to college with as well as some helpful business connections. I think what your consulting firm provides it terrific! I started my own business this past year and still making my way thru the rough seas. I have a Commercial Real Estate consulting firm. I want to take my firm to another level and bring it online. The tried and true practice of gaining new clients via cold calling does work for me however I want to reach so many more people especially small businesses that I see loose their head when is comes to understanding their current lease obiligations or how to get out of a lease or should they renew their current or more…so on the questions go. Most often most companies don’t understand what their even says they are obligated to. THat is where I come in. Help educate and hopefully gain some clients in the process. As this relates to you, I am still making those cold calls to get business and just now starting to see on the web and through other professionals I have spoken with how to take my idea to the web. Basically what you are doing but for my business. With all this said I would love to network wtih you. Maybe take one of your webinars. Please feel free to contact me directly. live in San Francisco, CA now (former Ohio native). ((Contact info removed)) Thank you for your time. Heidi

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