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Is that a Problem Holding You Back, or is it Fear?

Don't let Fear Hold You Back

Often, it’s our fears that hold us back, not the obstacles that we think are in our way. If you’re stuck, make sure you are addressing the real issue. Fixing symptoms is not the same as fixing the problem.

Getting the Most Out of Online Forums


Forums are a great way to establish credibility and keep a finger on the pulse of a community. Participants in forums tell it like it is, and there’s a wealth of marketing information you can glean if you just take the time to read. Plus getting backlinks for search engine optimzation isn’t bad, either.

Attack With Hummus and Other Great Problem-Solving Ideas for Small Business Success

See you soon.

Success takes action.  Sometimes it is simply that easy.  If you want to be successful at building a small business,  you have to beat the paralysis of analysis and do something.  I met with two small business owners and their staff about a year ago who were struggling with knowing what do to next.  They …

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