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Every Marketer Needs a Swipe File

marketing swipe files help you get creative

Having a great swipe file is one of the ways good marketers improve their success rates. Find out what should be in your swipe file to help you boost your creativity.

Meet — Relationship Building Made Easy is a great way to connect with others. Use it to find prospective clients and business partners with these simple steps.

An Often Overlooked Little Marketing Success Engine: Classified Ads

Classified ads are an often overlooked marketing technique that could actually generate a substantial number of leads and sales. Here are some ideas to get classified ads working for you.

Why I’m Embracing Mobile Marketing

At my house, not that long ago ...

Mobile marketing is about to go mainstream. Is your business ready? I’m encouraging my clients to test mobile marketing because I believe if you go to where the eyes are, you’re going to want your marketing messages on your customer’s mobile phone.

Evaluating Keywords for Online Success


Here’s the method I use to evaluate keywords to find the keywords and keyword phrases that bring online success.

How does Oscar Mayer know I like hotdogs?

Never thought anyone would ever find out

How does Oscar Mayer know I like hotdogs? And even more alarming, how did they find out about my ride in the Wienermobile? Here is just one gal’s story of trying to uncover the mysteries of Facebook demographic targeting.

Do Cloaked URLs on Twitter Hurt Your Brand?


Many companies rely on a cloaked URL on Twitter and other social media to save space. But does it hurt your branding efforts and can it affect how Google ranks your site? I think there are some issues to be explored here.

Thinking Outside the Box for Small Business Success


When a small business brainstorming session was confronted with two lost women needing directions, the idea of “thinking outside of the box” took on a whole new meaning.

Fear of Change and the Small Business Owner


Convincing a small business owner that his or her current way of doing business needs to change is difficult. There’s actually a scientifically-proven mathematical formula on what it takes to overcome the resistance to change. It takes dissatisfaction + a vision + action.

4 Tips for Online Business Success


Building a success business online can be daunting but here are 4 tips to help small business owners focus on success.

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