Blogging for Profit: Success Ideas

Last night, I hosted a roundtable discussion about how to achieve small business success using a blog.

Here are some quick take-aways and success ideas we discussed:

— If you want to attract highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly interested traffic to a blog, you HAVE to write keyword-rich content.  If you are not providing the search engines with keywords that people are actually typing into the search engines, you are missing out on TONS of prospects.  We went over how to do keyword research and how to find the keyword terms in the “sweet spot” that have enough searches per month to give your site decent traffic, while having a manageable amount of competition.  If you don’t know how to conduct keyword research, let me know and I’d love to put on my small business consulting hat and show you exactly how it’s done.

— Blogger and WordPress both have their fans in the small business world and both can be used effectively.  Blogger has the advantage if you want AdSense sales because they are automatic on the free version.  WordPress has the advantage in its flexibility for the small business owner.

— There are tons of ways to drive traffic to a small business blog.  You can start by telling your offline contacts.  Then go into online forums where your potential audience participates and announce that you have started a new small business blog.  Ask forum readers to give you feedback.  Many people want to be helpful and they will visit and respond.  Don’t forget to Ping after every posting (favorites in the group last night were Ping-o-matic and Technorati).  Take advantage of all the possible automatic link update features, like automatic updates to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles.  Plus, get your posts submitted to as many Social Bookmarking sites as possible.

These steps will explode the traffic and effectiveness of your small business blog and help your business reach its success point.  That’s what I’m all about — helping your small business achieve small business success.  And thanks for the great ideas on additional services I could provide to small business owners as part of Success Point Consulting.

If I can help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s to your success point!

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  1. Brad

    Found your article on linked-in. I would have loved to have attended this seminar.

    I’m befuddled when it comes to using the right keywords to attract business to my blog and site (which ideally converts to sales). My products and services are very competitive, but I am trying to achieve an edge in my local area.

    1. teelady


      I would be happy to sit down with you (or do a telephone conference, depending on where you are) and go over some tips on keyword research and why it works. We need access to the internet and I can walk you through the process. It really is one of the keys to a successful blog (or any online endeavor, really). Send me a message from LinkedIn and we’ll set something up.

  2. Sarah Gershman

    Thank you for this! I am eager to learn more about Ping, as this is something I know virtually nothing about in terms of blogging. About six months ago, I started a speaking advice blog: sarahgershman.blogspot.com. I would so much appreciate feedback. I spend about 15 minutes after each post trying to get it out there – sending to contacts, commenting on blogs on similar subjects, facebook, etc. I try to use key words but am not sure I am finding the right ones.

    Thank you!

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