What Are You Tolerating In Your Life?

What Are You Tolerating In Your Life?

Many of us are busy, busy, busy most days. So busy, in fact, that there are things in all of our lives that we are just tolerating. There are things that have crept into your life that you allow to continue to exist. You know, like that dirty car, or the leaking faucet, or the bumper-to-bumper traffic that we are forced to sit through every evening to get home. Stop for a moment and think about it: What are you tolerating in your life?

Whether you realize it or not, every toleration you allow to linger in your life drains your energy, your attention, and your motivation. It prevents you from fully realizing your life’s potential. So, what are you tolerating in your life? You can probably come up with a list pretty easily. I know I did.

What Are You Tolerating In Your Life?

what are you tolerating
When I asked myself the question, “What are you tolerating in your life?” I came up with some doozies. Some were obvious, some not so much. For instance, my list included: shirts that I couldn’t wear because of missing buttons; clothes hanging in my closet that I don’t think flatter me or don’t fit me; not having enough money to do all the things I want to do; a job that bores me; intermittent internet disruptions; 6 unfinished book manuscripts; no working CD player in the house; I haven’t made an effort to keep in touch with good friends; I’ve allowed a print to hang on my wall for a year that has the glass cracked all the way across. I am tolerating a certain friend who is always late and who spends more time looking at her cellphone during dinner than talking to me.

Identify What Are You Tolerating In Your Life And Get Rid of Them

Make a list of all the things that are cluttering up your life and then Boom! Get rid of them. Just go through the list and take action to remove them from your list. Get out the needle and thread, bag up the clothes to donate to Goodwill, set aside the time to declutter and focus on projects. Once I made my list, I have set to work at eliminating those tolerations. And boy, let me tell you – it DOES make a difference in how you feel.

The benefits of getting rid of what you are tolerating in your life will be more energy, more creativity, and you’ll be able to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. Your quality of life will almost magically improve the moment you take action to get rid of those small, inconsequential things that are actually blocking your success.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. If one of the things you are tolerating in your life includes not enough pay, not enough time with your family, not enough freedom to do what you want, then I urge you to reach out to me and let’s do a business review and see if I can get you back on the right track. Click here to find out more about my consulting services.

How to Generate Up to 350 Leads Per Day on Facebook

How To Generate Up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook!

Whoa! I thought he was kidding, but no, internet marketing master Kevin Sousa has figured out how to generate 350 free leads per day and get upwards of 600,000 shares and as many as 80,000 comments on Facebook posts. Yeah, 600,000 shares and 80,000 comments.

generate 350 leads

Can you imagine?

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Here’s to your success,




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Why Personal Authentic Leadership is Better than “Fake It to Make It”

Why Personal Authentic Leadership is Better Than “Fake It to Make It”

Many so-called gurus online encourage new recruits to abandon their own personal authentic leadership. Instead, they encourage people to “fake it until they make it.” I recently listened to a webinar where the leader said, “Honestly, no one wants to join a beginner. If you aren’t making six figures a month, no one should trust you to hep them make money.” He went on to tell the listeners that it was OK to use his results as their own in their posts and emails “until you have your own success.” I left the session shortly after that. That’s not how I roll.

I believe everyone has their own personal authentic leadership. I can guarantee that you know something from either your experience or your training that can help someone else. I firmly believe you will not succeed if you are just making it up. You need to appear confident and inspiring, but you can’t be fake. People will figure you out. They will NOT ignore the man (or woman) behind the curtain.
personal authentic leadership

Personal Authentic Leadership is a Better Strategy

A better strategy is to tap into your own personal authentic leadership and make the most of your own success. If you have just started, tell others that you had the courage to take action and encourage them to do the same. Share with others your reasons why you have taken actions and what results you are receiving. Once you have started to attract leads, tout the fact that your marketing efforts are paying off. Teach others exactly what you are doing to move closer to your goals. That’s personal authentic leadership. Others will look at you as a leader because you are ahead of them in the process and you are being honest with them.

Personally, I love working with other leadeers who push me to do more and keep me as motivated as I keep them. I love to follow and brainstorm with wildly successful people who are willing to share their tips and strategies. I don’t have to have all the answers – I just need to know how to plug them into the resources that are available to everyone. To me, that’s personal authentic leadership. I’m honest with my clients, I answer their questions, I give them direction, I point them to resources. I encourage, motivate, inspire and keep them informed as much as possible. I care about their goals. I care about their frustrations. I want to celebrate their success with them.

It’s Time to Develop Your Own Personal Authentic Leadership Style

If you are looking for a coach or mentor who respects and honors your personal authentic leadership style, I would be honored to work with you. As your coach, I will not abandon or mislead you. I am not “faking it.” What you see is what you get. And if that appeals to you, then give me a call or email me and let’s get started. I’m ready to give you my all to make you succeed.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. Email me at Trina@SuccessPointConsulting.com. I would love to hear from you.

How Does Money Flow in Today’s Economy?

How Does Money Flow in Today’s Economy?

Have you ever looked at the disparity between rich and poor in today’s economy and wondered, “How does money flow?” Now, I’m not going to get into an in-depth economics lesson, but here are some principles that our economy is based that may surprise you.  How your money flows when you work for someone else is not the same as the business owner.how does money flow

How does money flow if you are a W-2 employee?

If you are employed by someone else and receive a paycheck, your money flows typically looks like this: You trade time for dollars. You work to earn wages. Your employer takes the amount of wages you earn and gives a percentage, usually between 20% and 30% to the governments (federal, state and local), then deducts any extras like insurance premiums or retirement contributions. Then you get the remainder to spend on your expenses. If you are lucky, you get approximately 70% of what you actually earned each month. Depending on your state, your deductions, and other factors, you may only receive 50% of what you actually earned. The governments use the taxes you pay each month to pay for government expenses. Government runs on the W-2 employee. The W-2 employee is the most heavily taxed and the most frequently taxed entity in our entire economy.

how does money flow

How does money flow if you are a business owner?

If you own your own business, how does your money flow look different than the W-2 employee? Well, for one thing, you get to control a lot more of your earnings. You provide a product or service and a customer buys it from you. You receive that payment minus any processing fees that may be associated with that transaction (credit card processing fees, shipping costs, etc.). Then you pay your expenses. But because the tax code rewards businesses, you get to take deductions for many of those expenses off your taxes. This will generally lower a business person’s tax rate to between 12% to 18%, sometimes even lower if you really keep good records.

By the way, I wrote The Small Business Owner’s Tax Guide to help small business owners. It’s available on Amazon. Buy your copy today. A business person typically will have the ability to use up to 95% of their earnings and only pay taxes after they have paid other expenses. And they get to determine for themselves what expenses they pay when. Most businesses pay taxes quarterly, in January, April, June, and October.

How does money flow if you are an investor?

An investor is rewarded even more by the tax code. An investor earns money through the activity of the money itself. They invest the money in something, like a business or stock, in such a way that the money grows in value. Investors make money work for them. This is often called capital gains. Investors pay the lowest taxes, approximately 10% and they typically only pay taxes once a year. They get to use and spend and enjoy almost all of their money all year long.

How does money flow in your life?

Pretty sobering, isn’t it. How does money flow in your own life? It’s no wonder so many people who are working in jobs and getting a W-2 at the of the year are feeling broke. They don’t get to use or enjoy their own money! A huge chunk of their money is spent before they even get to touch it. Owning a business is a lot better, and being an investor is even better than that. Is it time for you to start moving toward becoming an investor instead of an employee?

Owning Your Own Business is Part of Your Solution

In my opinion, everyone needs to find the right vehicle to take them from employee to business owner to investor. I know I am moving in that direction and I am helping hundreds of other people connect with their dreams and start on the path to financial freedom. One of the programs I use helps small businesses grow their sales while also helping me and other families save money on everyday purchases. I can’t guarantee it would be a good fit for you, but for more information, watch this video.

Ask yourself: “How does money flow in my life?” If you don’t like the answer, then it’s time to make a change. I am here to help you every step of the way. Just reach out to me and let me help.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. I don’t believe anyone who says they”can’t afford it.” If you need some ideas on how to make money out of thin air to make this dream a reality, click here.

Are Your Spending Habits Keeping You Broke?

Are Your Spending Habits Making You Broke?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your spending habits are keeping you broke. When’s the last time you really sat down, created a budget, and took a hard look at your spending habits? If you have watched someone else have success and you say to yourself, “Oh, I really wish I could do that but I don’t have the money,” then you have a problem with your financial mindset. Investing money in yourself and your dreams is always a good investment.spending habits

So, what spending habits are keeping you broke?

Here’s a look at common spending habits that keep people from really using their money to their best advantage. Obviously, it’s going to be different for everyone, but here are some ideas on where to look in your budget if you want to stretch the money you have.

If you smoke, you can quit (quite a money-saver and healthier option), or cut back, or switch to a cheaper brand. But for every dollar you save, you need to take that money and save and invest it. Do not spend it on something else.

If your preferred beverage is soda, switch to drinking water at least half the time. Instead of buying four 12-packs, only buy two and make them last. Again, every dollar you save needs to be invested in a business or in educating yourself.

One of the worst spending habits many Americans have gotten trapped by is credit card interest. Only use a credit card if you will be able to pay off the balance entirely in 30 days. If you have been carrying a balance, then you need to stop spending more than you can pay off. Interest on credit cards is a killer of financial freedom. If you use credit cards and pay your bills on time, make sure you call your credit card companies at least every 3 months and ask for a reduced interest rate. Many times, they will reward your loyalty – but only if you ask.

spending habitsTaking advantage of available discounts and coupons is another way to improve your spending habits. If you don’t regularly use coupons, start and you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually save. And you don’t have to buy a newspaper. There are websites, like coupons.com where you can browse and find discounts on the items and brands you normally buy. Use those sites! If you keep track of how much money using coupons can save you in a month, and set that money aside every time you go shopping, you will easily be able to invest in a business.

Getting control of your spending habits is a great start

Understanding how you currently use money and changing your spending habits to give yourself more money to invest in other areas of your life, like in a business, is just part of the equation. You also need to understand how does money flow for a W-2 employee, a business person, and an investor. Each one approaches money differently. Click here to see how does money flow in today’s economy.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. Looking for a side income? Want to make money while helping small business owners grow their business and helping families save money on everyday purchases? Then watch this video.

How to Magically Make Money Out of Thin Air

How to Magically Make Money Out of Thin Air

Did you know that you can make money out of thin air? You can, you know. You just have to open your eyes and gain a little bit of wisdom on how money flows in our economy.  It doesn’t involve magic.  It just involves you making a decision to come up with the money and taking action.  There is simply no excuse why ANYONE cannot “afford” to take action on their dreams.


Make money out of thin air

“But I’m broke,” you say. Are you really? If you live in the United States, I can almost guarantee you that you are nowhere NEAR broke according to world standards.  You have chosen, at least up to this moment, to spend what money you have had on things instead of investments.

Here are some simple ways that almost everyone can make money out of thin air if it is important enough to you. Notice I said IF it is important to you.  If it’s important, you will find a way.  If it’s not, you will find an excuse.  You can’t do both.  You either find a way or an excuse.  You either do or you don’t.  There is no try.

One of the easiest ways that I know of to make money out of thin air if you are currently working a J-O-B (stands for Just Over Broke) is to give yourself a pay raise or two. Say what? You heard me. Give yourself a pay raise.

Make money out of thin air using your W-4

Go to your HR department or to your online HR portal and change the number of withholding allowances on your W-4. According to the IRS website, the average American employee overpays the government $40 a week in taxes. That’s right. The typical W-2 employee overpays the government over $2,000 a year because they do not take enough allowances. If you got a refund last year, you need to immediately reduce the amount of money the government is taking from your check. Why are you letting them borrow your money interest-free? (Disclaimer: this is simply the average amount cited by the IRS. Your individual pay raise may be lower or higher. No guarantees are being made here.)

You do know that getting that refund is just getting back your own money, right? For each additional allowance you claim, you will see an increase in your paycheck of approximately $40 to $80, or approximately $150 dollars a month. What if you changed your W-4, and with the increased pay, you used that extra $150 to invest in a business that has the products, systems, the team and the mentor you need to make a change in your life? Ta-dah. You can now move forward with pursuing your dreams.

Make money out of thin air by reducing your retirement contribution

Another other way to make money out of thin air so you can invest in yourself and a business is to reduce the amount you are contributing to your 401-K. What????? I know, it’s almost sacrilegious to say, but if you are contributing the absolute maximum possible into a retirement account but you are feeling broke and desperate in other areas of your life, then you need to reduce the amount going into your retirement. I’m not saying stop contributing. I’m saying to reduce the amount.

If you have ever had to pay a late fee, or bounced a check, or passed on a golden business opportunity, especially one that has the potential to earn you exponentially more than your investment, because you “don’t have” $154 dollars to invest, you need to stop maxing your retirement contribution. As great as it is to contribute to your retirement, building a business is actually a better way to secure your future in the long-run. But promise yourself this: if you reduce your retirement contribution, then you need to take that money and INVEST it in yourself and in a business.

But I’m not working. How do I make money out of thin air?

Glad you asked. Tomorrow I’ll examine how changing some of your spending habits can make the money out of thin air you need to start living your dreams.


Here’s to your success,



Make money out of think air

P.S. Once you’ve make these changes and you have given yourself a pay raise, then it’s time to stop procrastinating, take the action you know you need to take, and get started building the life of your dreams. Quit sitting on the fence and just do it. No excuses allowed. Click here now.

True Inspiration from Jim Rohn


I have been reading Jim Rohn lately. Good, good stuff. Here are some of my thoughts. My favorite: You are NOT a tree. You do not have a accept where you are. You can change everything about your life if you want it badly enough. The power to change is within each one of us. It’s up to us to reach down inside and pull it out.Jim Rohn quotes

What are your favorite Jim Rohn quotes? Leave them in the comments below.

Is that a Problem Holding You Back, or is it Fear?

Several years ago, I was listening to a webinar about ways to achieve success in all areas of  life and I wrote down the following statement:

“Change can only happen when dissatisfaction with your current situation becomes greater than your fear.  Until then, you’re stuck.”  At the time, I wrote it down and kept on writing because it was a pretty good speaker and he had lots of motivational tidbits that I was hoping would help me figure out how to get my life on track and achieve more business success.

Don't let Fear Hold You Back

A couple days later, I went through my notes and that quote jumped off the page at me.  I read it, and re-read it.  And honestly, it kinda made me mad.  When I read it, I thought it meant that I needed to get even more dissatisfied than I currently was and frankly, that was so defeating.  I mean, really, at the time I couldn’t imagine getting any more dissatisfied.

But then I saw my problem.  To this day, I can almost remember the actual shock that ran through my body when I got it.  Do you see it?  Look at that quote backward:  if you’re stuck, then your FEAR is greater than your dissatisfaction.  Whoa!  That was something totally different and something I had not even considered.  I was going about it all wrong.  I was focused on my dissatisfaction, when what I needed to focus on was my fear.

It was a fear issue.

Quite by accident, I had discovered one of the most fundamental steps in solving any problem.  You have to actually name or identify the real problem.  The real problem wasn’t my dissatisfaction, all the things that were wrong, all the obstacles in my way.  For months, I had been trying to fix symptoms, thinking that was going to solve the situation and the problem would go away.  No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere.  What I really needed to do was to figure out what I was afraid of and address the fear.

What about you?  If you are feeling stuck and not achieving what you want, take a good look at what is happening around you.  Maybe, like me, you aren’t addressing the real problem.  Maybe you need to take a moment to step back and really look at yourself.  Could it be that you are afraid of the next step?

I have discovered that fear often comes in one of three varieties:  1) the fear of failure; 2) the fear of the unknown; and 3) the fear of success.  Which one is holding you back?

The best way to overcome the fear of failure is to divide the task, whatever it is, into baby steps and master each one.  As you progress, your confidence grows and your fear of failure diminishes.  It may never go away completely, but you’ll develop new skills and ways to overcome the fear so that it does not stop you.

The best way to overcome the fear of the unknown is to study, do your research, and talk to others who have done it.  Depending on what it is, often you can participate in a mock experience so it’s no longer unknown.  The fear of the unknown is always a fear born out of your imagination.  It can be powerful, but it can be reduced so that it does not block you from achieving your dreams.

That leaves the fear of success.  That one is tough.  That one can only be defeated by what’s inside of you.  It takes digging deep, pulling out all those blocks and obstacles in your psyche.  But if this is the fear that is holding you back, once you dig it up and throw it away, then the sky’s the limit.

Here’s to living a life without limiting fears,


Success While Being a Career Gypsy

My friend and I were reflecting yesterday on how many women we knew had made major career shifts more than once in their lives.  As many of my readers and friends know, I haveve been a journalist, a political aide, an assistant editor, a marketing and operations manager, an attorney, a business and marketing consultant, a salesperson, a professional copywriter, blogger and freelance writer, a Mary Kay representative, a published author and speaker, and even a major women’s event planner. My friend has had a similarly broad, wide-ranging, non-linear work life.  We have been “career gypsies.”  We got to talking about whether or not our frequent zigs then zags has hampered or enhanced our overall success.

What is a career, exactly?  According to the dictionary, a career is the “pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement in a chosen field” or “a profession in which ones trains or is undertaken as a permanent calling.”  Yep, I’ve had about a half-dozen of those.

So Can Career Gypsies Be Successful?

Our culture seems to both embrace and criticize the choice to be a career gypsy.  There is a lot of lip service given to the idea that women should “choose” a career path and stick to it.  It makes it easier to categorize people.  She’s an accountant.  She’s a stay-at-home mom.  She’s a waitress.  Those definitions bring with them certain expectations and assumptions.

But the reality is that very few women do it.  Just for fun, I mentally went through a list of 20 of my women friends and realized that only one or two of them have actually followed a prescribed career path.  The vast majority have taken sharp left turns at various times in their work life. Yet I could think of at least 10 or more of my male friends who have chosen a path and stuck to it for years.  Why the difference?

Being a career gypsy comes naturally to many women, I think.  Some of it may have to do with wanting to arrange their work life around family.  As family needs change over the years, so does the woman’s work needs.  Making work “fit” around marriage and toddlers and sports and piano lessons and church and grandmas requires some flexibility.  Let’s face it: often it’s the woman who has to learn some pretty fancy tap-dancing to keep all cylinders of the family engine running smoothly.  Being “in transition” for many women is a permanent state.

Career gypsies like me and my friend find it hard to describe what we “do” for a living. We still haven’t decided what we want to be when we grow up and we just keep searching.  For us, life is a journey and work is just a small part of who we are.  We keep expanding our knowledge and experience base because we see opportunity everywhere we look.  We haven’t defined ourselves by our jobs or careers, we’ve defined ourselves by our hearts and our passions.

We both concluded that we were definitely a success when it came to being a woman or a human being, but both of us could see where we probably took some missteps on the road to financial security.  Thank goodness neither of us use wealth as our measure of success.

For women who can embrace their career gypsy ways, the world is a great big playground, full of fun and interesting things to try.  Do I think I could have been more financially successful if I had stuck with my first career?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  I would have truly been an “expert” by now.  But I know I would be a completely different woman than I am today and since I like who I have become, I have to say I made the right choices for me.

So if you’re a career gypsy like me and my friends, I say take a bow and then dance across the living room.  What you “do” for a living doesn’t really matter in the long run.  What matters is that you’ve enjoyed the journey.  And if you’ve helped others on the way, then you are way ahead of the game in my book.

Here’s to your success,


P.S.  But if perchance you are looking for a new adventure, check out what I’m doing these days.  Click here.

The Bad Small Business Referral

I believe having a thriving referral system is hands-down one of the best ways for a small business to grow.  As the Bob Burg book says, “Go-Givers Get More.”  And I believe it’s true.  I believe every small business owner should actively promote other small businesses and the more you help others, the more others will help you.  A “rising tide raises all ships” kind of thing.

But sometimes, the referral process can go terribly wrong. 

I met with a new client last week.  I’ll call him Joe at Company A.  In our discussion of why he needed to bring in a business consultant, we talked about how he had been missing deadlines, he had over-promised and under-delivered on several projects, and had actually not been able to complete some work he had promised to do.  He was floundering.

At some point in the conversation, because I am all about referrals, I asked if he knew anyone who could help me with X project.  He immediately said, “Oh, you’ve got to call Jim at Company B.  They are the best.  Here, let me give you Jim’s card.  Tell him I sent you.”  He whipped out Jim’s card from his business card book.

So I sent Jim an email, introducing myself and saying that Joe at Company A referred me.  I gave him a pretty thorough description of what I was looking for and asked if he could do the work within a certain timeframe.

Within 10 minutes of sending the email (which was at 7:00 a.m.) my phone rang.  It was Jim.  Now, I’ll be honest, I took his immediate response as being a sign that he wanted my business.  Wrong.  What he wanted to do was bash Joe at Company A.  Jim spent 3 minutes telling me about how badly Joe had handled a previous project and then 4 minutes trying to convince me that I should have nothing to do with Joe and Company A and proceeded to give me the names of 4 or 5 of Joe’s competitors and encouraged me to work with them.

Jim didn’t ask about my business and my needs.  He never really got that I was a consultant and not a customer of Company A.  He wasn’t grateful in the least that Joe had referred me, a potential new customer with connections to dozens of other new customers, to his company.  At the end of 7 minutes, I had to stop him.  I simply said, “Well, apparently your bad experience with Joe would taint any project you and I would do together, so I thank you for the phone call, but I don’t think you really want my business” and ended the conversation.

That was 7 minutes of my life I will never get back.  I have rarely seen such a poor, disconnected business relationship in action.  The whole scenario left me wondering if I wanted to work with either of these companies.

So for what it’s worth, here are some lessons I think all of my small business readers should review:

1)       I would not recommend that you refer business to companies with whom you have had bad dealings.   In this case, if Joe knew that his relationship with Company B was poor, but knew that Company B provided good services, he could have told me not to use his name.

2)      Try to be aware of your business reputation.  I don’t know if Joe is just blissfully unaware of Jim’s feelings or if he thinks that referring people to him is a way to get back in his good graces.  If there are companies out there that you have done wrong, reach out and try to repair the relationships so they are not out trashing you.

3)       Be grateful when potential customers call you and offer to use your services, regardless of how they came to know about your service.  A referral job is typically not an extension of the referrer.

4)      You do not help your own reputation nor grow your own business by bashing other companies.  After my experience with Jim and Company B, I would not do business with him.  I mean, heaven forbid something went wrong with our project.  Would he talk like that about my company?

I try to impress on my clients that they need to treat referrals like gold, because once someone refers business to them and you do the right thing, they are going to try to send  you more business.  Pulling in your personal problems with the referrer is unprofessional and uncalled for.  For the sake of your business, don’t do it.

Here’s to your Success,




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